After a long silence...

Summer has passed so quickly like just a blink. I didn’t have a chance to update my English blog, since my schedule was over-saturated. Now the huge typhoon has just been passing by, I have a time to catch up with this. Yesterday’s weather was very strange; at one moment, it was brightly sunny, then quickly thick bands of dark-swelling clouds came in and hang for a while, and poured all the water from the very humid air like a raging tidal wave crashing onto a shore. These sequences of weather melodrama have occurred repeatedly all day long! What a day!
Well, back to my pastry creations. I’ve made far more than these photos but of course, I can’t put everything on, so just a little. The first one is citrus florentin.  A typical French pastry is filled with sliced almonds, caramel, etc.  Here is with some orange confits.

On the Quatres-Juillet (the Bastille Day), I made this entremet with summer berries and layers of different kinds of mousses. Yum!

Then I made another French regional dessert called Crème d’Angers with fromage blanc, cream, Italian meringue, fresh cultured yogurt and homemade rhubarb-gooseberry jam.

French macarons are made with Shiso and red currents which suit for humid Japanese summer!

Rose entremet (layered mousse cake) consists of cream cheese, fromage blanc, Damask rose, lychee puree, strawberry puree, Rosé wine and pistachio dacquiose.

A little princess is made out of white chocolate mousse with Madagascar pepper, raspberry mousse, biscuit joconde-cacao and almond dacquiose.

Some more cakes.

These are not ordinary brownies. I made in a Japanese style with Kinako (roasted soybean powder) and Miso which give a mellow but deep flavor.

All in different shades of pink colors is peach and raspberry mousse cake.  If you like a fresh taste of succulent sweet peach, you would love this cake with a touch of acidity from raspberry.

I had a fun time creating this cold dessert. It looks vibrant and cute; indeed it was lovely to eat!

Another birthday cake. This is an Entremet with ginger-milk chocolate mousse inside, and rose-peach mousse and cacao nib mousse topped with glaçage chocolat.  I doodle some tempered chocolate to make some pretty design on the cake.  

Mont-Blanc. Almost all Japanese love this chestnut cake. Mine is special with 7 layers (inside) topped with a Shibukawani (chestnut cooked with inside skin in a syrup) . Inside is a beauty!

It looks like an ordinary apple tart. Apples are cored and cut and caramelized in sugar and butter with a dash of Ceylon cinnamon and lemon juice. But the secret is under these caramelized apple layers. I put Earl-Grey custard cream scented with Calvados. What a heavenly tart it is!
Summer seems gone now, though the temperature remains fairly high around 80’s. But the days are getting shorter and mornings and evenings are much cooler! Welcome to a fall season!


  1. Wow.. your creations are just amazing.. If I have a chance to go back to Japan, I will definitely stop by your restaurant and see your world of sweets.. A pic of "Tarte aux Pommes" reminds me your ”Chausson aux Pommes" from your older post in your Japanese site..

  2. Hi sabkeshoe, thank you!
    You've been to Japan before? Talking about Chausson aux pommes, I haven't made that for two years! Time flies too fast!

    Have a great weekend!