One Month After

A calm sunny morning I have today. In fact, today looks very similar as March 11th. It was like another ordinary early spring morning. Today I pray for the lost lives which the big earthquake and Tsunami have savaged brutally. It’s been a month now.

As for me, outside may not change that much, only my hair is growing a bit longer. But inside, I can feel it’s changed quite a little. Nothing can be the same, I assume. It seems I have a tiny block of sadness in me; it’s almost like a sorrowful acceptance.

The only remedy for healing is time.  

And love and lots of TLC.


Quite often, we receive calls from the family and relatives in France. We feel connected tightly with them in their concerns and thoughts. I would say I miss my mother in-law’s Canelé de Bordeaux!?


  1. Canelé de Bordeaux!!! I love those! I remember I have seen a recipe of it on your Japanese blog, somewhere! Even though I do not have a proper tiny dish to make it, I want to try!

  2. tA-nU-kI san, I think you can find a silicon Canele mold on the net. My mother-in-law loves to use it. In fact, there is the recipe I belive, on the "French regional sweets" category which is my mother-in-law's recipe. It's really good!