Pain-au-Lait a la Rose

Life goes on… but what will happen next to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant? It’s our prefecture’s concern, because it is situated next to the Fukushima Prefecture.  At this moment, we are just observing what is going on, but it seems such a long ordeal. I hope it will solve safely and quickly as possible.

One day, we made “Pain au Lait á la Rose” using milk infused with rose petals. The fragrance of Damask rose made me feel calm and warm. Such an inviting scent! Out of uncertainty under the current stressful circumstance, I have felt not sure for everything.
So, the smell of dried rose petals was a great blessing!

Milk bread with rose? One might think it’s awful. , actually, it tasted wonderful! Something you don’t expect what’s inside. It tasted fantastic and nostalgic, which I heard from people who had this soft bread. They all loved it.

Take a time to smell a rose. That’ll be wonderful. But before that, I gotta go find one!
Anyone wants to try this bread???


  1. Oh, my.. kiki, you're so creative and always surprise me! I'd love to try some.. ;) BTW what's on the top? Is that white sugar??

  2. Hi sableshoe, the white top is granulated sugar and the big coarse white sutff is candy sugar. Sugar adds some extra flavor, you know; my favorite? candy sugar!

  3. Hello!

    I just found your English blog while I was baking rum fruits pound cake from one of your recipes! This is the third time I bake the pound cake since my American husband loves it! Following what you wrote in your Japanese blog, this time, I have infused raisins with ram for a month! See if we can tell the difference ;)

    It is my dream to visit your shop when I can go back to Japan! Take care of yourself! Thank you very much for continuing your blogs! I really enjoy them!

  4. Good morning, tA-nU-kI san, from Japan!
    Did you find any difference in the 1-month-soaked raisins? I would say preferably it’s better to be soaked more than 1month. After 6 mons, you can see the real difference!

    In that case, we have to indeed hang in there! Please wish us good luck!

  5. Yes, we did! It was much better than 1-hour-infused raisins!!! More flavorful!

    So, I have a question for you. I am wondering if I can keep adding some liquor and dried raisins? Or do I need to start over with *fresh* liquor? And where do you keep a container? In the refrigerator? I am just leaving it on the top of the counter :P

    Hope you and your husband enjoyed Japanese Spa! I miss it!

  6. tA-nU-kI san, you can just keep adding dried fruits and liquor, if the alchool is strong enough (say like rum, brandy, etc). But of course if the container becomes a bit untidy, you can wash it and refill in the old one. We place the container in the food closet, but you can keep it almost anywhere you like without too much direct sunlight.