Earthquake aftermath

Aftermath of the devastating earthquake and Tsunami has brought a huge headache to our region. We are about 113km (70 miles) away from the Fukushima Daiichi where the grievous nuclear problem has been breaking up. 
But alas, people are leading a normal life as possible in this chaotic situation as if nothing unusual had happened. The earth is still shaking at least several times a day. It’s not a big problem. The only problem is that we are always under pressure of finding fuels for our cars. Sometimes we have to wait for a very long hours in order to get about 15-25L (58-98 gallons) of gas. At this moment, my brother is lining up from 10:30 pm so that he can get that much gas for the following morning. We heard this gas station would open at 6:30 am tomorrow. Of course, there is no guarantee to get gas. A fiasco!
Our lifeline was not established for a while after the tragedy. So we know what a blessing to have electricity and running water. And warmth! It has been a cold month in this part of Japan.
Just having a steeping cup of tea is such a blessing. I dropped some rose syrup for taste. The rosy aroma helps me to gain sanity in this calamity instantly.

We don’t know yet when and if Japan ever can become normal again but we DO have HOPE!


  1. I've been visiting your blog since you were in Korea and enjoying your journals and photos a lot! I can see your feelings through your blogs.. Like you said, please believe yourself. Everything will be fine.. it just takes time, and yes, we do have hope!!! I prey for Japan from here in the States.

  2. Hello!
    I'm glad somebody is looking at this blog. It's almost private, so thank you for your comment!

    But you understand Japanese??? Anyway, things are getting normal here, it seems like except a few things... life goes on, I believe. We saw a big group of specially-equiped fire engines and fire fighters heading North from Tokyo on the highway. This highway leads to Fukushima directly where the nuclear plant is located.

    It was indeed an awesome view!

    If you have your own blog, please let me know about it. Thanks!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that things are getting back to normal around you!

    Yes, I DO understand Japanese, but I didn't know which language you preferred, so I just chose English. You've lived in the States for more than 10 years, right? (as far as I remember..) I understand that sometimes English is easier and simpler to express some feelings compared to Japanese, which I think it is beautiful and at the same time complex and complicated language..

    I guess I still have my blog, but I've been taking a break for a long long time.. Anyway, let me know which language (English or Japanese, sorry no French!) is more comfortable for you in this blog;)

  4. I bet you will never forget about thick and powerful but fluffy pancakes you shared with your husband and other family members! Happy to hear you started baking pastries again. Please take your time and do things little by little, O.K.?

  5. Hi sableshoe, either English or Japanese is ok for me, whichever you prefer. But come to think about it, I prefer English here. My jap. blog has become so big that I don't have my privacy in a way. This one is my petite corner which I can enjoy more serenity.

    Yep, I shall take baby steps for everything! I have to… thank you for your warm regards.

  6. Hi, Kiki!(You are kiki here).
    I found your new web-bolg.
    coz I was searching for your on-line sweets shop.
    I would like to support anything I can do,I'm in LA now though.
    I hope you gonna get over it little by little.
    Don't over work yourself.
    (my parents-in law live in Sendai, they haven't had gas yet, but they are OK. I would like to send something to them from your shop.)

  7. Hi nana! Well, thank you very much for your kind thoughts. I do hope things are moving forward for all those who suffered from this calamity, including your in-laws.

    We are working hard currently to finish the net orders from the previous one, and once we finish these, we'll open the online shop again.

    Hopefully, your parents in-law get back to a normal life quickly as possible.