Visit to Iwate from Ichinoseki to Rikuzen Takada

This is a picture of Kamaishi, Iwate about 3 months later from the March 11th earthquake and Tsunami.

We had an occasion to visit in Iwate which had a huge impact of Tsunami. The inner area of the prefecture is untouched by it, so it remains green and beautiful.

Even we noticed the change of air which is clear and clean once we reached Iwate. I wonder why!? Maybe it is because the abundant amount of chlorophylls the greens produce??? 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take beautiful inland scenery pictures due to a limited time we had. The reason why we headed for Iwate is to take some goodies to children who attend 3 kinder gardens in two cities. It was our mission to get there this time. But if there is another opportunity, we definitely want to visit there! There are many hot springs to enjoy.

After finishing delivering the goodies to the children, we had a quick time to see the coastal area of Iwate. We traveled down there to go back home.
What a contrast it makes between the coastal and the inner areas!
The coastal area showed the brutal scars of Tsunami.

But in Ohfunato, I found a hope. The green shrub is coming back from the attack of deadly Tsunami.

Though the branches are bent down, the root remains strong and healthy. Its leaves are reviving in green!

A shot of a peaceful inland. The stand sells horse manures.

We never forget the March 11th, but all the Tohoku area shall remain strong and bounce back no matter how long it takes!
I do hope so.


  1. I too found hope... Thanks so much for sharing this with me.

    Hope you are well :)

  2. Hi Anh, I'm all right! Just a bit tired lately.
    Today is my goofing day. Don't want to do anything...good for me!

  3. Hi, How do you do I accidentally found this blog on the internet.it's so hot and fantastic
    i wann go into the compurter monitor to eat ur fantastic things. can i visit sometimes?

    And.,the pix(Tusnami) make me still pain..
    the after earthquake, I pray every day for japan

    Thanks.,i have a good time.

    from aeran

  4. Hi aeran,

    Thank you for dropping a comment here. I'm glad to read it. Yes, indeed Tsunami was a huge disaster in ther area. Just looking at the aftermath makes me shiver still...

    Well, I'd better to update my English blog as often as I do in my Jap. one. But I don't have much time lately...OMG!

    Thank you!