From February

I was short in time to keep up my English blog. It doesn’t mean that I neglect this blog; it’s on my agenda all the time but hardly can keep it up. Anyway, these are just a few pics of what I’ve created so far lately.

I always love to make something new. The top photo is a big macaron cake for an elaborated tea class in Tokyo. I created this cake filled with Zubrocka tea-flavored chocolate ganache cream and raspberry mousse, biscuit au chocolat sans farine, glacage chocolat, and a dash of Sakura powder for a hint of spring accent.

And of course, I like to make something old, too, like le fraisier here. It’s a strawberry cake which French people like as a strawberry short cake for the Americans. It’s filled with lots of strawberries and vanilla mousseline cream which consists of custard cream and fermented butter. It sounds heavy but with real good butter, it turns out to be light! Japanese strawberries come in many varieties with succulent sweet flavor. As spring comes, le Fraisier brings me many memories of this gateau in France.

By the way, the red powder on top of the cake is natural strawberry powder from Germany. It tastes like real strawberries!

This is a Charlotte cake filled with orange flower water-flavored grapefruit and Mascarpone mousse and wild-strawberry mousse inside. It’s covered with grapefruit juice jelly.

We have this cat at home. He’s handful but cheer us up all the time! During a cold season, he sleeps with me in Futon. He can fetch like a dog with a stick sugar! If I throw a stick sugar, he goes to play with it first and then gets it in his mouth, and brings it over to me so that I can throw it away for him… I bet his past life was a dog!

Yet another cake. It looks frozen. It is indeed frozen in order to travel to a  long distance to a customer who has requested the cake.

And this one, too. All cakes come in different flavors and decorations. They are all unique.

These coconut and Sakura cookies are filled with Sakura-flavored white chocolate cream. It’s truly yummy-cious!

Lastly, a shiny chocolate cake is made with raspberry mousse and star anise chocolate mousse. Star anise gives such a delicious accent to this cake.


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